Health reporting for the New York Times Well page:

Do DHA Supplements Make Babies Smarter? (The New York Times, online and print, 3/30/17)

Should I Take a Vitamin for Brittle Nails? (The New York Times, online and print, 3/3/17)

Doctors No Longer Rush to Cut the Umbilical Cord (The New York Times, 3/2/17)

Do Dairy Foods Cause Mucus Production? (The New York Times, 2/24/17)

Are Fat Cells Forever? (The New York Times, 2/17/17)

Can Psychiatric Medications Blunt the Mother-Baby Bond? (The New York Times, print and online, 12/30/16)

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Can You Safely Lose Weight While Breast-Feeding? (The New York Times, print and online, 9/2/16)

When Kids Are in the Bed: The Ups and Downs of Co-Sleeping (The New York Times, 8/24/16)



The Fight Against Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Might Start with Vaccines (FiveThirtyEight, 8/15/17)


Health and Science reporting for the Washington Post:

New type of baby monitors offers ‘peace of mind’ but may deliver just the opposite (Washington Post, print and online, 5/6/17)

Updated guidelines on infant sleep highlight danger of parents’ tiredness (Washington Post, print and online, 10/24/16)

Parenting articles for the Washington Post:

Parenting in the age of genetic testing, from the author of ‘The Gene Machine’ (Q&A, Washington Post, 2/28/17)

Seven things I wish I’d known before I had a miscarriage (Washington Post, 10/18/16)

In a world of overwhelming internet advice, here are 8 things parents should know (Washington Post, 10/26/15)


Vitals Lifehacker heart logo

For Vitals, at Lifehacker:

Should You Get an Epidural? (Vitals, Lifehacker, 11/30/17)

“Immune-Boosting” Supplements Won’t Protect You from Back-to-School Germs (Vitals, Lifehacker, 9/12/17)



For Medical Examiner, at Slate:

Could a Breathable Mattress Help Your Baby Avoid SIDS? (Slate, 8/25/16)


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For Everyday Health:

More Evidence Links Vitamin D Deficiency and Multiple Sclerosis (Everyday Health, 11/2/17)

5 Questions and Answers About Glucose Toxicity (Everyday Health, 10/25/17)

5 Things to Know About Hypoglycemia Unawareness If You Have Diabetes (Everyday Health, 10/17/17)

Biotin: A Promising Treatment for Progressive MS (Everyday Health, 9/22/17)

Chronic Nonhealing Wounds in Diabetes: Your Management Plan (Everyday Health, 9/18/17)

The Prediabetes Signs Your Doctor May Miss (Everyday Health, 8/24/17)

Having a Parent with Type 2 Diabetes: What You Need to Know About Your Risk (Everyday Health, 8/18/17)



Print magazine features:

Prep School: Are Portland’s schools ready for a major earthquake? (PDX Parent, print, September 2017) [PDF]

Vax On: Inside the campaign to boost immunization rates for babies and kids in the Portland area (PDX Parent, print, May 2017) [PDF]

Science Squad (PDX Parent, print, January 2017) [PDF]

The Science of Sleep (PDX Parent, print, January 2016) [PDF]


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